Some of you know that when I am down I cook. I should probably have gained 200 pounds by now by luckily for me there are others around me that like to eat the food I make so that I don’t eat it all. Today I was a little distracted due to a recent break up so I decided to make some desserts. Earlier this week I was watching the Barefoot Contessa and she showed me how to make homemade chocolate sauce so I started with chocolate covered strawberries. MY FAVORITE. To make the chocolate sauce I created a double boiler system with a bowl on top of a sauce pan with water in it. I turned the burner to medium high and put chocolate chips in the bowl. Once they began to melt I added some cream to help the chips melt a little faster and better. I just wanted it to be a little thinner than just the chips. I stirred it till all the chips were melted. Once everything was combined I let the sauce cool slightly. The key to getting the chocolate to stick to the strawberries is very dry strawberries. I washed, dried and covered my strawberries with chocolate sauce and placed them on wax paper and in the fridge. If you need them sooner you can put them in the freezer.

I really enjoy eating Chocolate chip Chewy bars and I recently stumbled upon a recipe for them so I also made them. They were really easy and I am just waiting for them to cool so that I can try them. Here is the website that I got the chewy bars from  and this is what they look like…

Lastly I made Dr. Pepper Cupcakes. The recipe that I followed called for a bunt cake but I have no desire for one of those so I made cupcakes instead. I am not to found of the icing so I am either going to leave them plain or find something else to put on them. Here is where I got the recipe Instead of walnuts I used pecans.

Happy cooking. I feel tons better!